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Thousands of people are searching for businesses every day. Everything from hair salons to legal services to professional trades.
BUT what happens when they search for one of these ‘terms’ in the search engines? Does your business appear or does your competitor’s business appear instead?
If you know deep down that your business has the potential to grow with NEW incoming leads on a daily basis, then you need to work with SEO experts. Here at Vision Elementz SEO, we make it easy for your business to be found online by those looking for your services. Simply put, our Search Engine Optimisation strategies get your business the attention it deserves and ranking in top search engines like Google.
Google’s Share of World-Web Search Engines Results: 65%

Our SEO process involves 3 success principles:

Just like the best of the best commands attention. We build power to your site by getting your brand established online. Wake up. It’s time to be found.

You’ve heard the saying ‘don’t trust strangers’. Well, your site won’t be ranking in the search engines if there is no trust built to it. These metrics need to be meticulously crafted and skillfully engineered.

As the authority and trust towards your site continue to be built, it’s only inevitable that success will come. Hope you’re ready to win.

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“Having worked with Andy from Vision Elementz SEO on several projects, I can attest to his reliability, professionalism and SEO expertise. Learning from and working with Andy is always a pleasure.”

Steve Morgan, Real Estate Agent | Haines & Krieger Realty

“Andy has a passion for helping people and their businesses succeed and grow. He’s honest, qualified and definitely capable of handling your SEO campaign, no matter what point you’re initially starting from. If you want to grow your online presence and be ranking on page 1 of Google, highly recommend working with him and using his services.”

Bridget Castle , FLUXfish

“Andy is among the elite individuals when it comes to Search Engine Optimization; both through his knowledge and cutting-edge strategies used to get you ranking on page 1 of Google. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him through an exclusive world-class SEO mastermind group and he continues to thrive and improve his technical skillset. You’d be making a wise decision to partner with him at Vision Elementz SEO.”

Jamie Snodgrass, Rise Atlantic
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1. How Simple Can SEO Be?

SEO, like many other things, can be viewed from two perspectives. From one perspective you will see it as a very complicated process that requires time and energy. From the second perspective, you can view it in a more simplistic nature. While the simplistic nature might not seem beneficial, in many cases it is.

You can apply this concept to the action of breathing. You breathe in, and you breathe out. This helps you stay alive throughout the day. It’s a relatively simple process from that angle. Of course, you can dive in deeper and view all of the complex physical, mental, and biological actions that take place during every breath. So, at its core, breathing is complex, yet you view it in a simple manner from day-to-day, and you survive perfectly fine.

Similarly, you can approach SEO as a very simple strategy and achieve great success with it. Sure, you may achieve even better results if you break down every ranking metric and link building concept there is, just as you may reach a higher level of energy efficiency if you control your breathing very precisely. However, that’s often not necessary when first starting out.

At the very beginning, you simply need to understand what SEO is, how it works, and what you need to do to benefit from it. In time, you’ll learn the more complex aspects one-at-a-time. It’s the only way to avoid becoming overwhelmed by search engine optimisation. Now let’s examine what search engine optimisation is viewed through the simplest lens possible.

2. The Basic Function Of Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine optimisation is all about making your site appearance first in the Google search results. To understand this, you first need to understand the two different categories of search results. One category is labelled as “organic” and the second category is labelled as “paid”. While paid search results can have a slight impact on the success of your site, they aren’t nearly as relevant as the organic results.

These results are considered organic because a website doesn’t pay for that position on the list. They have to earn that position by “optimising” their website. Thus, you are optimising your website to appear first on search engines. Hence the name, “search engine optimisation”.

3. Why Does It Even Matter?

This is a question that quite a few people have. Why does it even matter if your site is ranked first, third, fifth, tenth, or fiftieth? The answer lies in the statistics. More than thirty percent of the people who search for a term in Google click on the very first organic link in the list. The website that is ranked number one for a term will always get the most traffic.

That percentage decreases with every single drop in the list. By the time you get to the last listing on the first page, less than one percent of the people searching that term are clicking on that link. An even smaller percentage click onto the second page and look at those results.

Now, consider the second statistic. More than 80 percent of all website traffic originates from a search engine. Most people get online and immediately use Google or some other search engine. It’s often even a part of their home page. The only people who don’t use a search engine are those who already know what site they are going to.

These statistics add up and mean one thing: if you aren’t ranked highly on Google, then you are missing out on a huge majority of your potential traffic. Obviously, you can’t be ranked number one for everything that will ever be searched, but you can try to rank highly for terms that relate to your website, your business, your blog, your products, or your services.

4. How Do You Rank Highly?

You have two options when it comes to increasing your website’s ranking on Google. The first option is the “Do It Yourself” route and the second alternative requires hiring an SEO firm or consultant. Both of these methods have their benefits. However, if you have the funds, investing in a third-party firm will always yield the best results.

Whether you do it yourself or you hire a company to do it for you, a lot of the same work takes place. It’s all based on a combination of on-site and off-site optimisation. On-site optimisation is all about creating high-quality written content that contains targeted search phrases. You also use these phrases in various other places on your website and in the source code. Off-site optimisation is all about getting reputable websites to link back to your pages.

5. SEO Can’t Be Ignored.

It’s been around a long time, and it’s only grown more important over the years. Optimising your websites simply cannot be ignored. It doesn’t have to be complex, and you don’t even have to do it yourself if you are willing to invest the funds into a qualified marketing firm.


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